Finding our USP

23 Feb

We had the general principle of our business mapped out. However after doing some more thinking we felt it could be a better and more exciting business if we moved away from the norm.

With our current model we were looking at running with the healthy, organic feel. This is obviously a great foundation for a food establishment, the problem here is that there are loads of places offering health food and organic snacks. For example you can pick up a granola bar or yoghurt and fruit at Holland and Barrat or most food retailers.

Now here is the issue i had with our business, all we offer is pretty much what you can get elsewhere but either hot (we serve bacon etc) or healthier (cooked in the healthiest way possible). So whats are USP and does it really make us different and stand out from the crowd?

To really define our USP and shape our business we needed to do some more idea generation and “out of the box” thinking. A website “” puts forward some really useful suggestions. There are several methods, the best I found was the cross roads USP:

“To create a crossroads USP, take two seemingly unrelated ideas and bring them together.

The hit movie Speed was famously pitched as “Die Hard on a bus.” Clueless is Jane Austen’s Emma set in 1995 Beverly Hills.”

This video is corny but it makes a good point, that sharing experiences and knowledge generates great ideas. That is what we have done, brought together our ideas on health and organic food with the experiences of a group member. Our new american inspired breakfast is something that is not at all available in the UK however similar places are hugely successful in the US!


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